Friday, 3 April 2009

'Member I told you - Jah Vinci

"'Member I told you" = artist to watch kinda ting.

2006 I said Mavado, 2007 I said Busy Signal (I never said new artists), 2008 I said Serani, now 2009 I'm not sure as yet, but the artist doing it for me "ah Jah Vinci" from Deva Bratt, I mean Vybz Kartel led Portmore Empire. First heard him last year on that terrible diss track by Kartel to Mavado on Day Rave riddim. Yeah, I said horrible. And he sounded just like fellow Empire member Black Rhyno. But anyway, it worked for him because he got the exposure he needed from that.

He's moved into his own style which mainly consists of life teachings and cultural side therefore his target audience is different to Black Rhyno. I'm currently rinsing 3 songs by this dude, each as good as the other. As long as he keeps doing these songs, stays far from the tracing (cussing) and gun tunes, he'll be on the good road. He has more credibility than Bugle through association and is a bigger name, once again, through association than Konshens.

Shit vid, unmixed instro but the tune knocks. Feeling the concept/message, vocal arrangement and the hook is a winner.

Once again, feeling the concept/message, beat isn't your typical dancehall (it's Hip-hop) but knocks and hook is a winner. One of the songs you play at the beginning of the set to get an easy forward.

Ok I lied, I feel this is the best of the 3. Well not lied, I've changed my mind (I don't love you no mo' (random)) The emotion of the beat coupled with the concept go together better than OJ and the glove.

'Member I told you

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