Monday, 13 April 2009

Rick Ross = Most Anticipated for 09?

Had you asked me about 3 months ago I'd probably told you his shit's over. Exposed as a correctional officer/ fraud/ screw by Trick Daddy from last year, he decided to deny - well chat shit about being the Ten Million Man - then proceed to wage war with Fif as we all know (

When he first started with this "Thanks for the promotion munkey," @ 50, I thought "Come on maaan, it isn't good promotion". Little did I know I'd be anticipating his album more than every other Hip-hop album (I can think of that's dropping in 09 apart from Nas + Damian Marley) including Fifty's.

A whole bunch of tracks have been leaked to benefit off the adverse promotion. Wanna know what did it for me?

Produced by who will probably be my favourite producers of the year 'The Inkredibles'. Yeah, they've catted JUSTICE League's style with a bit of The Runners (sample sounds like synths on Speedin in particular) in there but this shit knocks. Added to the fact that those three aforementioned producers will be handling the majority of 'Deeper Than Rap', I'm officially sucked.

Will he be over? I very much doubt it. If Lupe can overcome forgetting Tribe Called Quest lyrics (and say he preferred MC Hammer over them), Lil Wayne can get away with kissing a next man and lie on Carter II (better than Carter III so you know) about getting shot and missing school to sell drugs then sell a milli first week, I'm sure Officer Ricky can overcome Fifty. His shit may be failing on singles charts but none of the singles from Platinum-certified 'Port Of Miami' touched top 50 on the Hot 100 - not even Hustlin'.

With the right direction Trilla could have been 4.5*, I feel this could achieve that.

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