Thursday, 2 April 2009

Vybz Kartel - 'Don't Run (Last Man Standing)' video

The video for Vybz Kartel's celebratory song 'Don't Run (Last Man Standing)' dedicated to his victory over Mavado at Sting was released couple hours ago. Song was originally recorded within 5 hours of the clash ending back in the early hours of 27th December'08. Within this time, the song has gained extreme popularity from those who seh Gaza, so much so it is the number 1 song in many Dancehall charts.

This is sure to rub even more salt into the wounds of Alliance followers, question is with all the International touring and promoting Mavado is doing for his commerical release 'Mr Brooks... a better tomorrow", does he care?Anyway nice vid, and the song still knocks.

Fans of the song from day will notice the lyrics have changed. "Why?" I hear you ask. It has to be fit for radio play (obviously), but more interestingly, due to the law the Broadcasting Commission passed couple months back, radio will not play songs with beep's, hence the rewording.

If you haven't seen the clash, you don't have to "log on pon YouTube watch di damn flim" here it is

And a hilarious spoof war for your listening pleasure (warning: if you don't know the background, you won't find it funny):

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