Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mavado changed by money?

For those who don't know, Foota Hype hails from Casava Piece, the same gully where Mavado bigs up. He's also the DJ who introduced Mavado to Bounty Killer prior to him getting his big break with Real McKoy.

Says the Gully Gad has changed with his ego being the main problem. Well, we all know what happens to people's career/standard of music when this happens. Not to mention the back room staff at the Alliance being a certain way as reported in quite a few places, what holds for the future if the real people aren't around? Can't be surrounded by 'yes men' cos you'll get gassed.

Foota Hype Parts Way With Mavado from 876radio on Vimeo.

Lol @ the kid trying get some camera time

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  1. As the interviewer said this happens all the time with artists when they become successful.

    Ego Ego Ego.