Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pull Up Dat Big Dutty Stinkin

Was meant to blog about this tune from tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. First heard this at Princess Nyah's 'Frontline' release party. Ill Blu, the producer, dropped it during his set. Jammer was pullin off his lean back-esque skank (will have seen it in Boy Better Know's 'Too Many Man' vid. Yes, he really pulls that skank in real life). He llowed it shortly afterwards, resorting to just holding his forehead with his other hand placed on the DJ booth. Was like he couldn't take it anymore then plead for the DJ to "Pull It".

During this time, I took a break from networking and watching gal to ask Ill Blu the name of the tune. I was much more reserved opting for the "Ergh, what's that smell" look. You've may have heard it before but, damn it's taken long to blow. The party was in February. Swear Shystie said she filmed the vid for this one the other day but the music was a bit loud. I know she did one for the original (this is the remix).

Anyway, enough long talking.

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