Thursday, 2 July 2009

My Rant: Drake - Best I Ever Had video

Once again I must state I don't post regular videos unless I have an opinion on it, a song I like or something that doesn't get posted everywhere (mainly Reggae/Dancehall songs I'm feelin'). This isn't some wannabe WorldStar/R&B blog where you see vids you see everywhere else.

Yeah, yeah, yeah Drake 'Best I Ever Had'

The net is on fire with this video now. So many opinions flying about, surprisingly for the man who can do no wrong and directed by an artist who fits in the "do no wrong" bracket most are negative.

Now for the opinion you've all been waiting for (said in an announcer voice) minez's! I think it's a bit somewhere else; why's Kanye bringing this University thing back? Is he upset that he wasn't the popular kid in school? Or even mad he was bullied or something? First, he dropped College Dropout, them foolish Lewis Veeton (or Louis Vuitton or whatever) backpacks, then Late Registration, even trying to bring it back through his feature on banging Keri Hilson's banger Knock You Down centres around being the neek in school. Get over it Kanye!

But anyway, drifted off topic there. Back to the video. As much (or as little) as it doesn't relate to the song, he's kind of gone from the Lil Wayne soundalike who flaps his hand like Kanye on stage to a Lil Wayne soundalike, Kanye West handflappin breast man! Hooray for Drake, I say.

Thank Jah he didn't come with some corny R&B-esque video with women wearing appropriate clothing and no body like Jeremih did for Birthday Sex. To all the people complaining about this: where were you when Jermih had the girl who would envy the curves of an ironing board in his vid? Huh?! I didn't hear you, what did you just say? That's right, you said nothing!

End of the day, none of the females will hate the song because of the vid. I understand why you hate the vid. He pulled the whole "I'm a nice gentleman, I'll bring you flowers on a rainy day....... NAGHT!" ('not' but in Borat's voice/accent). Men will watch to see bouncing things whilst not think they are listening to some damp, sweet, corny R&B dude trapped in a Rapper's body. Last thing, we are all talking about it and will tell a friend so it gets the attention it needs.


Oh yeah, for an actor his acting wasn't as good in my humble opinion.

p.s. Love you Amber Rose baby mwah. Come see me soon you hear? Can't deal with this snoggin' through the phone stuff!

I didn't actually say whether it was it was good, did I? I was left quite confused if I'm honest. Don't know if the video went past me when I was admiring the females on display but I wasn't too impressed. The little skits inbetween were kinda chuckle worthy. Thought the timing was mad off though (halfway through the second verse?!). But yeah, I didn't and still don't get it. But it's successful, so you'll get the money, hoes and clothes cos everyone is talking and the song will be a hit regardless.

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