Sunday, 23 August 2009

Flippa Mafia vs. Elephant Man

This is most probably the weirdest war ever. Ele is all about the dancing, Flippa all about the money. Granted Flippa was going at Killa earlier this year and Unfinished House is a big tune but both artists success are based on the aforementioned gimmicks. I hope they reveal this was all some big joke meaning neither of them decide to clash at Sting.

Flippa dropped a line about Ele in a song called 'Who Me?' on TJ's Unstoppable riddim. TJ is known for 'Beauty' and 'Beast' riddims which featured Vybz Kartel vs. Mavado amongst many other solid cuts. If you aren't familiar with that you will definitely know new riddim dubbed Unfinished Business which laid the foundation for 'So Special' by Mavado.

The line: "Not even them yout' them can't maintain/ that's why I'm glad me and Ele not the same"

Ele obviously took offence

Flippa's response

Elephant Man replies

Bwoy it look sticky pon Flippa right now.

I'm confused by this whole war thing because I saw these two having a water fight on Independence weekend 8th August to be precise @ Kool Runnings Water Park during the best party I have been to Xxxtreme Wet 'n' Wild.

You can't see Flippa in the pic but I swear to Jah that's his pimp cup in Ele's hand. Jah Cure was around at the time too.

As Shane Brown told me, this is the season for the war. Give it a rest lads

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