Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Vybz Kartel's Usain Bolt tribute

In celebration of Usain Bolt's incredible achievements (Gold and WR in a like "Did he just really run that time?" speed) Vybz Kartel decided to make a tribute

Bit poor don't?

To make up for it watch the race again

How does a 6'5 man drive out of the blocks like that? Unbeatable

I was going to do a big blog on what I did and still do consider as the most intense sporting rivalry of the year, but I was too busy. I apologise. In brief I was going to comment on the way the two had stayed apart, Gay had ran the faster times but in the better conditions etc. but sadly I'll never get to write it because Gay, although gave a valiant effort which was worthy of gold, was dismantled in absolutely astonishing fashion. Bolt to the world. And for those who don't know which dance he did with Asafa Powell (vid cuts off before), it is called luggo luggo and was featured in this summer 08 chart-topper

Go on laugh, but everyone bussin these in the dance is better than your Tribal Skank!

Here's Hitler's reaction

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