Friday, 4 June 2010

What do Nathan and Flo-Rida have in common?

Well apart from being on the same shit song

They both have the same enormous head! Flippin 'ell mate, some P&O cruise liner boat's going on there. No disrespect to Nathan, he's a cool guy (same can't be said for Flo Rida), but that was the main thing I noticed about the video. The song couldn't have taken longer than 10 minutes to write. Also, what's going on with using the same move as Justin Timberlake in Carry Out? You know the slide then knee lift skank. What, new ting for Napa 010?

If the vacant beat is distracting you from the "lyrics" in this song, here is an acoustic version done by SBTV

Remember when r'n'b had emotion? Now it just needs to be catchy and uptempo. Put a corny rapper on there (or Ludacris) and you're half way there. Remember 'Come Into My Room' Nathan? He was one of the first (and still one of about 3?) UK rnb dudes post-Craig David to get street love. The good old days when Choice FM was, erm, good.

Can't forget him putting Sadie Ama in the video for Round and Round

(Betcha never knew it was her at the time, did ya!)

Never know though, with the current trend of, let's be honest, steaming hot feces charting in high places, this could be a hit. But hey, if he manages to remove that plastic r'n'b star Jay-son De-roo-low I'm willing to support.