Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Drake + lawsuit blah blah

I was supposed to do more of these posts. Guess I kinda forgot. Forgive moi. Check an earlier post I did here.

So Drake is getting sued for Best I Ever Had AGAIN!!! This song is proving way too much controversy. First the Breast I Ever Had video which mandem loved, females loathed (jealous ones will always envy (joking ladies, Iiiiiiiiii-e-iiiii will always love... your sexy friend), then the other rapper/producer, Kia Shine, that said Drake stole the melody from a demo he gave to Lil Wayne, (or could be the other way around), now this.

Sound alike? Most definitely. Quite blatantly chopped and looped the sample. You could hear it was a sample from day. But I don't care, Boi1da is a sick guy for that! Samples are sometimes classed as lazy. Remember when people cussed Kanye for the sped-up soul samples? I don't agree with that. To hear a song, especially a song I've never heard before, think "if I take that bit, loop it twice, take that bit, place it there, I can make a hit" or classic in this instance, I give utmost ratings for creativity. I can't even (mess about) freestyle over a track I know the lyrics too without copying the original artist's flow, so I guess I'm not one to talk.

Speaking of Kanye, the above example reminded me of one of my favourite Kanye beats. How did he get this:

From this:

Or from 1:47

To this


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  1. its freaking illegal to copy any length from another song withought right or permission from the copyright holder. thats what happens when people cut corners or just dont care. good thing everyone involved are all getting sued