Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Marvin Sparks: Dancehall Correspondent

Nice to get a big up every now and again. Sometimes when you're just reeling out work I'm sure we forget to actually see that (some of us) are doing something positive and useful. Well maybe that's just me. But I just see it as me doing me. Like this blog, getting positive comments on here and in person is still surreal because I still don't think people read it. I'm thankful for all of you though.


Anyway, onto what we are here for:

Much Ado About Dancehall

2010 saw big improvements in dancehall’s UK media profile. The misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the music and culture will not be eradicated overnight, but increasingly the people writing about it actually knew what they were talking about. MTV and Marvin Sparks ran a series of in-depth interviews with key players in Jamaican dancehall, which has both generated and satisfied considerable bashment interest in the UK. Sparks ended the year publishing a two-part interview with the dominant but elusive Vybz Kartel, which was never going to be short on controversy!

On popular blog Large Up.

Read the rest of the dancehall (bashment) 2010 round-up from a UK perspective here: Written by @GabrielHeatwave and @DanBean

p.s. apologies if my blog has looked a bit like a Marvin Sparks fansite of late. Just a lot of positive feedback/reaction to stuff I've done recently.

Oh and on that note,

J Cole set to Roc it with P Money is the headline on this story on England's number 1 tabloid's website

Now some may have spotted it first on this interview by Kojo

But the interview J. Cole refers to when he says "I actually shouted him out on a phone interview" was done by, yep, you guessed it. ME! Me me me me muh muh muh muh muh me me, it's all about me! (Griminal voice from She Likes To (3:24) )

From the audio clip I posted back here back in November last year. Thank God I released it back then or someone else would have got my exclusive.

@JColeNC tells @MarvinSparks he wants to work with grime artist P Money by MiNameMarvinSparks

I know the long timers will have seen this before, but for the newbies, I thought I'd take this time out to say the full interview will drop end of the month. I've got a next ting for you as well *fingers crossed*

So yeah, those who know who I am through the whole Vybz Kartel talking about everyone or the Aidonia reply I am not a gossip dude. I just ask questions I hope others (you) wanna know the answer to.

And if you wanna hear a Dancehall CD I made which doubles up as a Best in 2010, click here. Has all the tunes from Clarks, Hold You to Cosa Nostra, to Gangsta City, to Street Swag, to Smokin' riddims, to Straight Jeans and Fitted, Fake Jeans, Rum n Red Bull eeeeeeeeeverything. Check it out.

That song isn't just a random placement, it's my soundtrack

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